• #WhenItRainsItPours

    Fuller’s London Pride

    • #WhenItRainsItPours

      Fuller’s London Pride


      London Pride – #WhenItRainsItPours

      Fuller’s uses an age-old brewing process to create a number of ales, including its flagship pint, London Pride.

      This recipe for success has helped Fuller’s grow, and they now own over 400 pubs, hotels and inns in London and the South of England, and their beers are sold all over the world.

      While London Pride is undoubtedly a global ale, its heart and soul is London through and through. Talking about our great city, and what makes it special, is a point of pride. But if there’s one thing that’s hard to get excited about, it’s the British weather.

      Enter #WhenItRainsItPours, London Pride’s celebration of British weather in all its gloomy glory. The concept was simple: we set up a Periscope feed at an iconic Fuller’s pub, and if folks tweeted in when the heavens were opening, they received a code for a free pint of London Pride. If that wasn’t enough, we even recruited everyone’s favourite bearer of bad weather, Michael Fish, to get the word out!

      Using Facebook as our awareness driver, and Twitter as the heart of the competition, we used Amobee’s weather targeting and daily reactive creative to push the right weather ads at the right time. We created new videos (such as Michael Fish using his weather powers to “make it rain”, and even a man-sized London Pride bottle walking through Monument) to keep London interested and in with a shot of a free pint.



      The campaign reached over 1.7 million beer fans, delivering over 15 million impressions, and thirsty Londoners watched Michael Fish’s weather forecasts over 5 million times. We gave away 1,270 pints over the month we were live, and generated extensive PR coverage. This punched through into brand tracking, with discernible lifts in prompted (+3%) and spontaneous (+5%) brand awareness, and key tracking metrics linked to London life.



      – Digital Impact Awards – Best Use of Existing Social Media Platforms (2017)

      – UK Social Media Communications Awards – Innovation (2017)

      – Social Buzz Awards – Best Promotion (2017)




      – The Corner

      – Society

      – Amobee


  • Smart Use of Data

    The Economist

    3 Awards
    • Smart Use of Data

      The Economist


      Data + Content + Programmatic delivery = Smart Content delivered at scale.

      The Economist had a perception problem. Non-readers just saw a boring business publication. To increase subscriptions we needed a new story… for a new audience.

      We identified them using existing subscriber data, and combined it with other data sets to create seven audience segments.

      We built lookalikes of these audiences and served them dynamic ads for Economist content relevant to what they were browsing – in real time.

      For instance, if a prospect was researching gay marriage, we would serve them an ad promoting an Economist article on the same topic.

      Ads drove prospects to a bespoke hub, where they could subscribe.

      We were asked to generate 700,000 prospects and 1,500 subscribers, but we smashed it.

      We delivered 3 million prospects, and nearly 10,000 subscribers – worth £1.7m in annual subscription revenue.


      • Festival of Media 2015

        Smart Use of Data

        Silver – Festival of Media 2015
      • M&M Global Awards 2015

        Smart Use of Data

        Winner – M&M Global Awards 2015
      • Cannes Lions

        Creative Data - Best Use of Real-time Data

        Bronze - Cannes Lions 2015
  • The Five-Minute Holiday

    South Africa Tourism

    1 Award
    • The Five-Minute Holiday

      South Africa Tourism


      The ultimate ‘try before you fly’ experienceTo help South Africa Tourism improve consideration of the Rainbow Nation as a travel destination, we needed to change perceptions.

      Flying to South Africa is an adventure. It’s the kind of trip that appeals to wanderlusters – affluent under-40s, looking for their next big getaway. They prefer going off the beaten track and read travel journalism for tips.

      To help them discover South Africa, we’d show them something they hadn’t seen before: the world’s first five-minute holiday.

      Using Oculus Rift virtual reality technology, we let our target abseil down Table Mountain, swim with sharks, kite surf, paraglide and feed elephants – without leaving the UK.

      We launched our ‘Five-minute Holidays’ with pop-up events in London and Manchester – key departure cities. We amplified videos on social, using 360-degree video formats, supported by two content partnerships.

      First, we partnered with travel site Secret Escapes, creating a microsite containing travel guides and videos. Second, we partnered with The Guardian, creating long-form features about South African culture.

      – 5m video views
      – ‘Consideration’ hit 88% (32% before the events)
      – Bookings up 451% YOY through Secret Escapes

      The campaign is now being rolled out globally.


      • AVA Digital Awards 2015

        New Category

        Winner – AVA Digital Awards 2015
  • Protecting Your Future


    1 Award
    • Protecting Your Future



      Not enough people were listening to FSCS’s important savings message. We needed to raise interest rates. 

      The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protects consumers’ money should anything happen to their bank. It aims to hit 70% awareness by 2019.

      But in 2015 only 40% of the squeezed middle class – the most likely savers – had heard of it. Women aged 25-35 were particularly unaware. We needed a relevant message.

      Our female target prefers celebrity gossip to researching interest rates. For them, entertainment tops information any day of the week.

      But they are interested in planning for family life, emotionally if not financially.

      So we brought the FSCS’s message to life through a series of lifestyle and celebrity gossip-style savings videos, each designed to make our message real and relevant.

      We launched with a native article on the homepage of Mail Online, our target’s favourite gossip site – a first for the platform.

      The article contained a video with TV’s Fearne Cotton, explaining how saving had helped her on the road to fame. We shared seven more celeb stories on YouTube, backed-up by MOL takeovers.

      Next, we launched video savings guides to things our target cared about – weddings, babies, and moving home. All guides were voiced by celebrities, like actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

      We promoted all content on FSCS’s social channels.

      – Now 78% of the middle class know FSCS – up 38% (more than 6m people)
      – Our FSCS Videos were watched 7m times
      – Facebook fans increased 335% YOY

      • Digital Impact Awards 2015

        Best Use of Digital from the Financial Services Sector

        Silver - Digital Impact Awards 2015
  • Made Of London

    Fuller, Smith & Turner

    1 Award
    • Made Of London

      Fuller, Smith & Turner


      Millennials thought London Pride lacked the authenticity of craft beers. We needed to make the brand relevant again.

      Fuller’s has been brewing beer next to the Thames since 1845. But millennials thought it was just another faceless corporation.

      They preferred ‘authentic’ local craft breweries. To drive sales of London Pride, Fuller’s’ flagship pint, we needed to make the brand relevant with modern drinkers.

      Our idea was to retell the Fuller’s story, positioning London Pride as London’s original craft beer, brewed locally by real Londoners for real Londoners.

      Key to our campaign was a series of intimate ‘Made of London’ live events at historic Fuller’s pubs across London.

      At each event, famous, yet down-to-earth, Londoners – like trend-setting TV host Jo Wiley –told stories about growing up in the capital, and shared a pint of London Pride with the locals.

      We promoted the events in The Evening Standard, London’s best-read free quality daily, shared video highlights online, and ran profiles of real Londoners in print and online.

      We even launched a daily taste test on social. All you had to do was tweet and follow London Pride at 12pm – the traditional tasting time in the brewery – to get a free pint. 

      We supported the campaign with additional social content about the Fuller’s story, and with ads in local print and outdoor. 

      ‘Made of London’ was The Evening Standard’s most shared campaign to date.

      – 34% of readers who saw the print campaign bought a pint of London Pride
      – 1,600 people claimed a free pint in our daily taste test
      – Fuller’s’ on-trade sales increased 6% in the first 33 weeks of 2015
      – Fuller’s’ revenues rose 10% in the first 26 weeks of 2015


      • Beer Marketing Awards

        Grand Prix

        Grand Prix - Beer Marketing Awards 2015