Come in 2518, this is 2018 calling

Come in 2518, this is 2018 calling

By Michael Brown, Head of Insight

Kicking off focus groups with a question about the future can give researchers powerful insights on what parts of the zeitgeist hold true resonance, says Michael Brown.

I have always been fanatical about stationery, and one of the greatest jewels in my collection as a kid was a 30-centimetre wooden ruler on which was etched a timeline of the key phases of civilisation. As a 10-year-old, I’d gaze at this masterpiece, often during lessons, at the different eras’ evocative names: Stone Age, Bronze Age and so on.

In moments of distraction, I’d ask myself, and still occasionally do, what the time we’re living in today will one day be marked up as on the historical ruler of the future.

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