AI is here to maximise ads, but what about brand safety?

AI is here to maximise ads

By Lawrence Dodds, Business Director

AI is already here to maximise ads, but humans are needed to avoid a brand safety nightmare, says Lawrence Dodds.

Artificial intelligence has already made a significant impact within the programmatic sphere through machine learning. AI-driven neural networks are becoming more capable and more able to mimic human behaviour as the technology develops. Advertisers could soon be applying the technology to adapt campaign placement and copy in response to real-world outcomes.

Just recently, for example, AI software ‘painted’ the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek.

The heaviest investors in this technology are the usual suspects, such as Google and Facebook, who are already aggressively hoovering up revenue in the ad space. Artificial intelligence has shown its capabilities at targeting and optimisation and we are going to see more attempts to push AI into the creative space.

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