In the Moment: Twitch, Sky, and Statues of Female Role Models


This week’s media headlines, trends and ideas, selected to inspire and inform Better Science, Better Art, and Better Outcomes.

1. MP calls on the ad industry to set targets to increase the representation of people with disabilities in advertising. [Source: Campaign]

2. Comcast is unlikely to have a regulatory review of its Sky takeover bid. [Source: Marketing Week]

3. What potential does Twitch have in the broader social video space? [Source: WARC]

4. Did you know that Europe’s digital advertising expenditure has doubled since 2013? [Source: WARC]

5. How can the ad industry learn from Hollywood? [Source: Michael Brown via LinkedIn]

6. Channel 4 opens contest to reward companies who come up with ideas to “challenge engrained stereotypes, objectification and sexualisation of women” in advertising. [Source: BBC]

7. Did you know that only 2.7% of statues in the UK are female (if royal women are excluded)? Stylist magazine plans rectify this by bringing statues of female role models to London. [Source: Campaign]

8. How is Facebook planning to deal with content disputes? [Source: Campaign]


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