Are marketers addicted to data?

Are marketers obsessed with data?

By Adam Morton, Managing Partner, Client Services

Personalisation has become something of an axiom in marketing’s recent history, suggests UM London’s Adam Morton; the balance between persuasion and precision needs restoring.

Consumer data is once again back in the headlines, courtesy of the Cambridge Analytica-Facebook scandal and the imminent arrival of GDPR. A lot of CMOs and marketing teams are scrambling to determine what impact these regulatory and perceptual changes will have on their beloved data.

And make no mistake, it is beloved. For some time now, data has been the pre-eminent sermon in the church of marketing services. It has, goes the cry, allowed us to personalise and target our communications to an unprecedented level. Data has enabled marketing to reach bold new heights, so we need to find a way to continue utilising that information, even in the wake of these recent data breaches and new legislation.

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