In the Moment: Netflix Streaming, Data Policy & Media Consulting

This week’s media headlines, trends, and ideas, selected to inspire and inform Better Science, Better Art and Better Outcomes.

1. Facebook promises updates and greater transparency around their data policies. [Source: Campaign]

2. Younger viewers now spend more time streaming Netflix than watching BBC TV services. [Source: The Guardian]

3. Why media agencies will evolve towards consulting. [Source: Campaign]

4. Cryptocurrency adverts are banned from Twitter. [Source: The Drum]

5. Are you reconsidering the amount of data you share with Facebook? [Source: Marketing Week]

6. Advertisers are re-evaluating advertising on Facebook. [Source: Warc]

7. Do you know which online video topics pose the most risk to brand safety? [Source: Campaign]

8. Do you think adverts are being deliberately racist? [Source: BBC newsbeat]

9. Blind and visually impaired people can now use VR to touch the world’s most famous sculptures. [Source: Campaign]

10. Who is the new sponsor of Channel 4’s The Great British Bake Off? [Source: Marketing Week]

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