Data and GDPR: Living in a material world

By Geoff Copps, Managing Partner, Head of Data for IPG Mediabrands UK

GDPR confers a certain ‘materiality’ to data that has become lost to the public consciousness, writes Geoff Copps – it’s time we considered how this translates back to concepts of ownership

Business leaders wishing to bring their privacy lawyers out in a cold sweat could do worse than recommend a viewing of Luc Besson’s 2014 film Lucy.

Its barmy plot involves a heroine who, for reasons too boring to recount, is gradually transformed into a super-computer capable of absorbing and processing ‘all the world’s information’. In the final scene, the super-computer presents the film’s other main character (a kindly professor played by a baffled-looking Morgan Freeman) with what looks like a portable flash drive containing the results of her endeavours.

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