In the Moment: The Super Bowl, teenage tech addiction, and Twitter

This week’s media headlines, trends and ideas, selected to inspire and inform Better Science, Better Art and Better Outcomes.

1.  With 60% of parents feeling their children are addicted to their mobile phones, are teenagers addicted to technology? [Source: WARC]

2.  What did you think of the Super Bowl adverts? Check out this summary. [Source: Marketing Week]

3.  Take two minutes to read these five impactful industry stats. [Source: Marketing Week]

4.  Do you know which ad was most complained about in 2017? [Source: Marketing Week]

5. Neuroscience study! Does the brain process ads more effectively when they are displayed alongside premium editorial content over social? [Source: Campaign]

6. Feminism still matters to young people, this article explains why. [Source: The Conversation]

7.  Snapchat sees active users grow to 187 million in the last quarter year-on-year. [Source: Campaign]

8.  Twitter has its first profitable financial quarter. [Source: Campaign]

9.  Plastic waste should be a commitment not just a PR opportunity. [Source: Marketing Week]

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