In the Moment: Vertical videos, outdoor media, and optimists

The last full week in January is over, 2018 is well underway, and we are excited for what is to come. As always, we have collected the latest media headlines, trends, and ideas, selected to inspire and inform better science, better art, and better outcomes… enjoy!

Great news for 2018, as WARC’s January Global Ad Trends report predicts the Global Ad Market will grow at the fastest rate since 2011. [Source: Warc]

78% of women over 50 control purchase decisions in their households, should brands pay more attention to how they address this audience? [Source: Warc]

Can investing in outdoor media help boost profits? [Source: Campaign]

We’ve all rotated our phones to view videos on our phones, but is it time to make videos that are oriented vertically? [Source: Campaign]

Do you believe digital advertising commercial research studies are of good quality? Only 5% of media and advertising professionals do. [Source: The Drum]

As online video streaming services gain in popularity, Netflix reaps the rewards with a rapidly growing customer base. [Source: The Times]

Find out why only 6% of the UK public consider themselves to be members of the ‘informed public’. [Source: Warc]

Marketers are feeling pessimistic about Brexit and are worried about the impact on their jobs. Find out more in this new survey. [Source: Marketing Week]

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