In The Moment: Biased news, content and cold weather consumers

The latest media news, ideas and trends that you need to know

This week’s media headlines, trends and ideas, selected to inspire and inform Better Science, Better Art and Better Outcomes.

1.  Still concerned about YouTube? Google are going to start vetting premium content, and unveil new brand safety measures. [Source: The Drum]

2. How’s your content plan?If it’s a short-term solution maybe you should rethink. [Source: Warc]

3. What’s going on with marketing budgets? [Source: Warc]

4. 75% of people say biased news is not acceptable, says new survey. [Source: Research Live]

5.  Want to know what consumers click on when the temperature drops? Look no further. [Source: Campaign]

6. Print reaches a watershed moment as The Times overtakes The Daily Telegraph. [Source: Campaign]

7. What data lessons can we learn from the Californian Gold Rush? [Source: Mediatel]

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