In The Moment: Mince pies, working mums and being a teen in 2017

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1. Did you know that mince pie spending rose by 13% last year? [Source: Warc]

2. Are working mothers sacrificing salary for flexibility? [Source: Campaign]

3. What was life like as a teen in 2017? Find out in new study. [Source: Research Live]

4. Do you really understand marketing? New survey shows that there’s a surprising amount of businesses who don’t. [Source: Marketing Week]

5. Find out why 81% of people believe that Brits are feeling anxious about the future. [Source: Research Live]

6. Model or influencer? It was hard to tell the difference last year. [Source: Marketing Week]

7. The battle between social media platforms resurfaces as Facebook looks to test Instagram Stories in a new location. [Source: The Drum]

8. Mobile conversations grew to new heights in 2017. [Source: Warc]

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