In The Moment: Innovators, junk food and digital disruption

The latest media news, ideas and trends that you need to know

This week’s media headlines, trends and ideas, selected to inspire and inform Better Science, Better Art and Better Outcomes.

1. ISBA plans to meet Google as fears rise around ad placement on YouTube.  [Source: Campaign]

2. Customer experience isn’t looking good in the UK, but it’s a different story in the US.  [Source: Warc]

3. Here’s what you need to become one of the 6% of online video marketers who are ‘innovators’.  [Source: The Drum]

4. UK kids see 12 junk food ads an hour on TV, here’s why this isn’t ok. [Source: The Drum]

5. Digital disruption is coming, say 75% of UK businesses. [Source: Research Live]

6. Thought kids were gullible? Look again, as new report finds they’re getting wise to fake news. [Source: The Drum]

7. Marketing budgets are shrinking, here’s how you can do more with less.  [Source: Warc]

8. Did you know that mobile adspend will represent almost a quarter of global adspend this year? [Source: Warc]

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