In The Moment: GDPR, adults on Snapchat & gender stereotyping

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1. Snapchat’s not just for kids anymore. [Source: London Loves Business]

2. Is another measurement scandal about to hit Facebook? [Source: The Drum]

3. 77% of parents blame brands for gender stereotyping children’s clothes, shoes and toys. [Source: Campaign]

4. UK retailers failing to convert browsing into sales, as online customers leave goods in their virtual shopping baskets. [Source: Warc]

5. Only 25% of existing company data meets GDPR requirements, what could this mean for your brand? [Source: Campaign]

6. If you’re targeting women, you might want to see where they like to see branded content. [Source: AdWeek]

7. So what’s the verdict? Bake Off’s debut drew a total of 12m viewers, says Channel 4. [Source: Campaign]

8. Digital ad spend will be boosted by retail this year, according to eMarketer. [Source: Campaign]

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