In The Moment: Watch, empowering women & internet time

In The Moment: The latest media news, trends and ideas that you need to know

This week’s media headlines, trends and ideas, selected to inspire and inform Better Science, Better Art and Better Outcomes.

1. New research says you should show empowered, not scantily clad, women in your adverts. [Source: The Drum]

2. Google vows to change after ‘difficult’ diversity row, showing there is no place for gender stereotypes in the workplace. [Source: The Drum]

3. Is this the end of the patriarchy? UM Managing Partner Sophia Durrani investigates. [Source: Diva]

4. Google and Facebook take a quarter of UK internet time, and who else bags the top spots? [Source: Warc]

5. Does your brand use colour? It could be a much more powerful tool than you think. [Source: Warc]

6. Would you Watch on Facebook? [Source: Campaign]

7. Half of all clicks on mobile ads are mistakes, here’s what one social network wants to do about it. [Source: The Drum]

8. Consumer spending falls again, marking longest falling streak in over four years. [Source: BBC]

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