In The Moment: Shopping, data and Gen Y’s ‘normal’

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1. Do millennials only shop online? Apparently not, according to this study. [Source: Adweek]

2. How is Brexit to benefit TV? There’s going to be a surprising benefit. [Source: Warc]

3. Is the end in sight for digital privacy? [Source: Warc]

4. Facebook’s appeal fades as young people move over to Snapchat. [Source: Campaign]

5. What is ‘normal’ when 76% of Gen Y consumers believe that normal is ‘radical’? [Source: Warc]

6. “If you can’t see it, you can’t be it”. Here’s why we need to banish gender stereotypes. [Source: Marketing Week]

7. Worried about data protection post-Brexit? The Government has something to say about that. [Source: Warc]

8. Facebook plays its latest card in the fight against fake news. [Source: The Drum]

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