In The Moment: Railways, millennials and sharing the love

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1. Do you know how effective OOH railway ads are? With 1.7bn journeys a year, maybe it’s something you should consider. [Source: Warc]

2. There’s some surprises, and some not so. But who claimed the top spot in millennials’ favourite brands? [Source: AdWeek]

3. You’ll soon be able to add a link to your Snapchat, which means brands will be able to too. [Source: The Drum]

4. It may have been a year of uncertainty, but London is still the tech capital of Europe. [Source: Campaign]

5. Fuller’s craft lager brand, Frontier, begin their summer partnership with Time Out London. [Source: UM London]

6. Are you getting your targeting wrong? New study suggests attitude is as important as demographic. [Source: Marketing Week]

7. AI has been talked about for a while now, but when should you start using it? [Source: Warc]

8. How much could TV sponsorship boost your brand? Find out how you can have a share of the love. [Source: Warc]

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