In The Moment: Gen Z, society anxiety and global digital regulations

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1. How can we mobilise Generation Z to do something about big global issues? The world’s largest advertising companies, and the UN, are uniting to try and find out. [Source: The Drum]

2. How does behaviour differ between ad blocker users and regular users? [Source: Warc]

3. After unexpected events consumers become anxious, but marketers can use this to their advantage. [Source: UM London]

4. Is it time for global digital regulations to come into play? Angela Merkel thinks so. [Source: The Drum]

5. There are four realities that brands should know in today’s business world. How many do you know? [Source: Warc]

6. Squeezed British households have cut back their spending for the first time since 2013. [Source: The Guardian]

7. 93% of celebrity endorsements on Instagram are in violation of rules around influencer marketing, but the platform has announced new tools to help. [Source: The Drum]

8. Snapchat goes all in on a self-serve ad platform and tools, but how can you brand use it? [Source: IPG Lab]

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