UM London, Fitbit and Sky inspire people to get ‘Fit in 5’

UM London, Fitbit and Sky inspire people to get 'Fit in 5'

17th May, London: UM London have worked alongside Fitbit to produce 18 episodes for a new show on Sky, aimed at giving you a full body workout in five minutes without a gym membership.

This is the second series of ‘Fit in 5’. This time the show is geared towards everyday Fitbit users, especially those using the heartrate enabled fitness trackers. UM London also influenced the inclusion of Fitbit through product placement, Fitbit branded colours, on-screen graphics and references within the workouts to different heart-rate zones, specifically Fat Burn, Cardio and Peak. Heart-rate is an important metric built in to the new fitness tracker, the Fitbit Alta HR.

Lucy Sheehan, Marketing Director at Fitbit, explains:
“Much like Fitbit, ‘Fit in 5’ encourages you to get moving, stay motivated and see how small steps make a big impact. The five minute exercises are a great way to elevate your heart rate, burn more calories and see the benefits that short bursts of exercise can bring.” 

UM London invested in the production and committed to spot buying on Sky, with UM Studios working with Fitbit to create bitesize clips for social and out-of-home advertising.

All eighteen episodes of ‘Fit in Five’ are now available on Sky, and will eventually be available on Fitbit’s website. Fitbit has high hopes for the show as Series One was downloaded 1.2 million times.

Phil Cresswell, Broadcast Activation Director at UM London, concludes:
“UM are delighted to have introduced Fitbit and steered this ‘Fit in 5’ project with Sky. A partnership that brings together two brands at the forefront of their technological and customer-focused strategies and capabilities.

‘Fit in 5’ is the perfect content to guide viewers, both fitness newcomers and fitness fans alike, through easy-to-manage, fun, five minute workouts at various levels of intensity and heart-rate zones. Powered by Fitbit, easily accessible, and specific to personal requirements and timeframes, ‘Fit in 5’ is in the zone!”

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