In The Moment: Irrelevant ads, fake news and mum’s personality

In The Moment: The latest media news, trends and ideas that you need to knowThis week’s media headlines, trends and ideas, selected to inspire and inform Better Science, Better Art and Better Outcomes.

1. How’s your online ad spend looking? Overall it’s on the rise, despite industry concern about over-investing in the channel. [Source: Marketing Week]

2. 50% of UK consumers feel they are ‘bombarded’ with irrelevant advertising. [Source: Research Live]

3. Google makes its move on fake news on its Search platform. [Source: The Drum]

4. There’s a new stylist in town, and she’s in with Alexa. [Source: IPG Lab]

5. How much do you focus on branded content? 80% of consumers are likely to forget it after three days. [Source: Warc]

6. UK ad spend just keeps on growing, with digital leading the pack. [Source: Marketing Week]

7. We’re seeing a shift in female consumers, now they are women first and mums second. [Source: Campaign]

8. How adaptive is your brand? Report suggests that to be truly global you must be local. [Source: Warc]

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